Test tube shots
Test tube shots or party shots are delivered best using an awesome glowing ICE Block Cooler to get the party going. This test tube shot holder will hold 72 (6" long) shots or 42 double shots (6" long). When a server takes a trip around your bar everyone will notice them making their round. The cool look of the ICE Block inspires people to party and lowers their inhibitions. By setting the party mood your test tube shot sales will dramatically increase.

This version of the ICE Block does not include the cooling gel filling so that it is light weight for the servers to carry.

Selling one round of shots pays for your new ICE Block!

Test Tube Shot Carrier
Glowing Test Tube Shots
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ICE Block Cooler™, the cooler cooler, is a cool new way to keep your beverages cold and crisp with a
revolutionary cooler design that fits in your freezer and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.
A portion of the profits from every sale of the ICE Block Cooler will go towards Autism treatment organizations.
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