Best Products to Sell - Top Kiosk Booth
Best Products to Sell,Top Kiosk Items
The Beersicle and ICE Block Coolers make a dynamic duo of top selling products for kiosk's and other booths. 

These products are great because they serve a purpose, but are fun enough to be an impulse item for even the most reserved adult.  The glow of the ICE Block Cooler can attract buyers even in a well light mall or on an online website.  The uniqueness of the Beersicle and its cheap price point allow for users to make the impulse purchase they started to make by seeing the ice block alone. 

This duo crosses all demographics and economic boundries. 

One of the most amazing sites is to sell these products at an outdoor event booth.  Once the night comes the sales of the ICE Block Coolers will start to accelerate.  We have even sold them without being chilled, just as a take home item.  People turn them on and take them out into the crowd, and then the entire crowd wants to know where they got them.  All of a sudden the booth gets swarmed by people seeking the mesmerizing blue glow.  Even if they do not want to splurge on the ICE Block, most will buy the cheaper Beersicle in an effort to get at least one cool new gadget.

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