Cool Gadgets = the ICE Block Cooler™!  The ICE Block Cooler™ is one of the coolest new gadgets around.  It features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.  Take this cooler to any event and you will be the life of the party! 

The ICE Block Cooler™ is a perfect gift because it keep beverages colder much longer than traditional frozen ICE packs or mugs.  It keeps drinks ice cold for 5 to 10 hours.  This is one of the reasons we call the ICE Block Cooler™ the Cooler cooler!  Amazingly, it even keeps opened drinks like soda and beer colder than ice right down to their freezing point of 28F.

If you are looking for one of this years best cool gadgets for men, then look no further.  Get your ICE Block Cooler now and become the life of the party!
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ICE Block Cooler™, the cooler cooler, is a cool new way to keep your beverages cold and crisp with a
revolutionary cooler design that fits in your freezer and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.
A portion of the profits from every sale of the ICE Block Cooler will go towards Autism treatment organizations.
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