HELP BLOCK AUTISM - Every time an ICE Block Cooler™ is purchased, a portion of the profits will go towards Autism treatment organizations. Each child with autism can have very different symptoms and severity levels but in every case love, hard work, personal interaction and tons of therapy can help the children improve greatly.

The inventor of the ICE Block Cooler™ has a son on the Autism Spectrum. The ICE Block Cooler™ was designed to “Light It Up Blue” and increase autism awareness in honor of their six year old son’s journey towards beating autism. His son is currently going to a wonderful school which has graduated many children back into traditional classrooms by the time they reach 1st to 4th grade. While this school is superb, the total costs for this education and additional needs run around $45K for the year. Now, the inventor's son, at almost six years old, has made great progress in his development. This little boy has overcome a lot of hurdles in his young life as a result of all the hard work and love that has been put into him by his parents, teachers, speech and ABA therapists. We are beating autism in our family and we intend to help others beat it too! If you think the ICE Block Cooler™ is as cool as we do, then please click on the "Like" button and tell your Facebook friends about it because every sale will help to BLOCK AUTISM.

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ICE Block Cooler™, the cooler cooler, is a cool new way to keep your beverages cold and crisp with a
revolutionary cooler design that fits in your freezer and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.
A portion of the profits from every sale of the ICE Block Cooler will go towards Autism treatment organizations.
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