Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Everyone wants the perfect memorable wedding reception.  The ICE Block Cooler allows you to add an ice sculpture to every table at very reasonable prices.  You can add custom labels to personalize your ice sculptures with any design you can dream of.  Add flowers, wine, and other touches to finish off your custom one of a kind centerpiece. 
    Once the evening comes you can turn the lights on in your ice sculptures.  The glow they emit will add instant ambiance to any venue and make your event a memorable one for everyone in attendance.  When your wonderful event begins winding down your ice sculptures become the perfect classy party favors for your guests to take home in memory of your event.  Finally a party favor that everyone will want to take home and be thankful for!
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ICE Block Cooler™, the cooler cooler, is a cool new way to keep your beverages cold and crisp with a
revolutionary cooler design that fits in your freezer and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.
A portion of the profits from every sale of the ICE Block Cooler will go towards Autism treatment organizations.
Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
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