Ice Block Ice Cooler, for Beer Bottles, Wine Ice Bucket, & Pop Cans. A Party Cooler Gadget Gift. Buy your portable Ice Chest today.  The perfect unique gifts for men, gifts for boyfriends, and gifts for husbands  Beerzicle & Sodazicle
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ICE Block Cooler™, the cooler party cooler, is the best new way to keep your beverages cold and crisp with a revolutionary party cooler design that fits in your freezer and features a cool blue glow when the power is turned on.  Our ice cooler gadgets to buy also include a bottle service wine chiller or  ice bucket and a test tube shots holder. This marine ice chest is the best ice box gifts for men around.
Ice Block Ice Cooler, for Beer Bottles, Wine Ice Bucket, & Pop Cans. A Party Cooler Gadget Gift. Buy your portable Ice Chest today.
Our ice cooler on Amazon is one of the best gift ideas for men and women of all ages.  It is one of those cool gadgets that works for man cave gifts, wedding centerpieces, groomsman gifts, wine lovers, and as a batchelor pad gift.  If you are looking for igloo coolers or unique gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or any ocassion then buy one now.  Our ice cooler is sure to please even the people who seem to already have everything!  Makes a perfect fathersday gift or gift for husbands.  Everyone who drinks beer, pop, water, or wine will love these drinking coolers.  The beerzicle is a beer chiller device that works by cooling from the inside. 
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